Vela & Sapori

Great international regattas

among sailing boats and local flavours

The three-day Ior&Rorc Class Meeting, dedicated to boats that have been part of the golden age of sailing, combined with the Vela&Sapori regatta in which each crew will have to prepare traditional dishes while sailing and compete on a mixed classification between sea trials and cooking. The square in front of the Sanremo Yacht Club and Piazzale Vesco will also host the village with exhibitors from the nautical sector, including amazing yacht toys, and a selection of the best local food products.

An event organised by thanks to the collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce of the Riviere di Liguria, the Nautical Section of Confindustria Imperia ‘YachtNet’, Yacht Club Sanremo, Confcommercio Sanremo and FIPE Province of Imperia, Confartigianato Imperia and LegaCoop Liguria.

Tradition and Future

Sanremo’s historic ‘three-day’ event links the naval tradition of yachting with the culinary tradition of Liguria, acting as a showcase for several businesses from the province of Imperia. The presence of renowned yachting entrepreneurs adds significant value to the event, offering the opportunity for networking, knowledge exchange and collaborations that could shape the future of the nautical industry.


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